GridSolution Group


Despite the increasing competition conditions in domestic and foreign markets, we achieve successful business results by creating new business opportunities with our speed and proactive perspective.


We establish sustainable and profitable business partnerships that will provide long-term benefits to all companies we have commercial relations with.


We carry out our commercial activities under the roof of trust we created and we establish our commercial connection with companies on our value of being reliable.



Domestic Sales

Private Label Production

Retail Industry

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Product Development

Business Development

Customer Relationship

Process Management

Gridsolution Group projects every business it carries out, and aims to achieve the most successful business results by acting in accordance with the business plan and working principles.

Market Analysis

We analyze the competition and sales dynamics of the product group by making a market analysis of the products we take into our portfolio.

Goal and Strategy

We set attainable and measurable goals and create the most appropriate business strategies that will enable us to achieve our goals.

Roadmap and Planning

We prepare our business and time plans covering all processes by drawing the roadmap that will lead our company to success.

Implementation and Progress

We make tangible progress by conducting commercial negotiations with retailers, importers and distributors in our business network.

Results and Development

We determine other business areas that we will develop by evaluating the results together with the companies we carry out commercial activities.

Our Company

Gridsolution Group has a trade network established with manufacturer, importer, retailer and distributor companies operating in different sectors in the country and abroad and a wide product portfolio.